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Terms & Conditions

Rohme is an introductory agency as defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We select, vet and introduce self-employed Locum Health Professionals to clients via an online platform and facilitate contracts between clients and self-employed health professionals. Rohme is not a ‘full service’ care agency and is unable to influence care delivery or manage care plans. ‘Rohme’ is the trading name of ROHME RECRUITMENT OF HEALTHCARE AND MEDICAL EXPERTS LTD (Rohme, we, us or our), our registered company number is 11724806 and our registered address is at 1 Eastbourne Road, London, England, SW17 9EG

Definitions of terms:

“Rohme” means an online marketplace for health professionals provided via the Rohme platform.

“Health professionals” means individuals working on a self-employed basis and delivering health professional services via the Rohme platform.

“Customers”, “clients” means organisations (e.g. hospitals) using the Rohme service to search health professionals to fill available shifts, engage with health professionals and enter into a contractual relationship with health professionals. 1. General Terms of Rohme

1.1 About Rohme

Rohme provides an online platform for self-employed Health professionals (Locums) and clients (e.g. hospitals) to connect with one another, communicate and arrange placement contracts between one another. This is facilitated through providing services which include but are not limited to:

· A searchable online database of self-employed Health professionals

· Communication tools to facilitate interaction

· A self-service system for clients to manage and book services with self- employed Health professionals.

· Monitoring tools for clients and health professionals to monitor activity. Feedback tools on the provision of health professional support.

1.2 Introductory agency service

Rohme is classified as an ‘introductory agency’ in line with CQC guidance. Rohme provides an online marketplace to facilitate the process of finding appropriate healthcare professionals to fill available shifts within medical institutions.

Rohme does not direct employ Health professionals. Rohme is defined as an employment business pursuant to the Employment Agencies Act 1973. 1.3 Limitations of service

All the tools provided by Rohme are used at the customer’s and Health professionals’ own risk and there is no guarantee that these tools will work optimally, not be subject to downtime, or removed from service at any point in time. Rohme does not accept any liability for losses or damages caused by the temporary unavailability of the service or technical errors.

Rohme disclaims any liability for controversies, losses, injury, accidents, claims or damages arising out of the use of the online tools it provides, the engagement of Health professionals or the provision of help and support services by Health professionals. 2. Rules for User conduct and use of service

2.1 Use of service

By registering and using this website or smartphone application as a health professional you confirm that:

  • you accept and will abide by all the terms and conditions
  • you are 18 years old or over and have the right to form legally binding contracts under UK law
  • any information you provide on the site is correct and accurate including details on your qualifications, skills and experience
  • you are eligible to legally work in the UK
  • Providing you meet the relevant HMRC criteria for the arrangement with the client being a self-employed arrangement, you will be working on a self-employed basis and will fulfil all responsibilities and duties of a self-employed worker including paying all tax and National Insurance due to HMRC
  • You will not receive Holiday pay from Rohme when working on a self- employed basis You will provide your Unique Taxpayer Reference Number during registration 2.2 Account creation

To use this service, health professionals must create an account with Rohme via the smartphone application or via our online form. Each account must be a personal account and only one account is allowed per person. Health professionals must provide accurate and up to date information. You confirm you will keep passwords safe and secure and not allow anyone else to access your account. Rohme reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the site at any time and with immediate effect.

2.3 Profile content

Health professionals are directly responsible for content that they upload to the Rohme platform and must not give the impression that any content is provided by Rohme or any other individual. Content must not be defamatory, offensive or inaccurate, false or misleading. Rohme reserves the right to remove any content that does not meet these standards at our discretion. By using this service you agree to only use Rohme for its intended and lawful purposes. Rohme reserves the right to amend and edit the content for accuracy, correct grammar and general presentation in accordance with creating a positive user experience for clients. 2.4 Compliance with Contract

Once a self-employed health professional has “accepted” a contract, they are bound to deliver the terms of that contract. The self-employed health professional must negotiate with the client regarding any deviation from the contract, e.g. to change time or changes due to illness or personal circumstances. Rohme can offer no mediation or intervention regarding perceived non-compliance with the contract unless the dispute resolution process is activated.

2.5 Quality of Help delivery

In your capacity as a Health professional you agree to provide a professional, punctual, safe, compassionate, well communicated and diligent service for the customer at all times. You must not accept requests for duties beyond your level of competence or that are unethical or illegal in any way. You agree to act honestly and with absolute integrity at all times. You should not sub-contract or offer work to any colleague or any associate – unless you need to find a substitute for your absence – in which case Rohme asks you to update your status via the app with as much notice as possible.

2.6 Compliance with Statutory Regulations

You represent and warrant that you and each member of your household (i) have never been the subject of a complaint, restraining order or any other legal action involving being arrested for, charged with, or convicted of any criminal offence involving violence, abuse, neglect, theft or fraud, or any offence that involves endangering the safety of others, dishonesty, negligence or drugs, and you are not nor have you ever been on the sex offenders register or other similar list. 3. Release of liability for user conduct and disputes

Any agreements are legally binding agreements between the client and the Health professional. Rohme are not party to an agreement and we cannot arbitrate or mediate if there is an alleged breach of contract unless the dispute resolution process is activated.

Any issues should be resolved directly between client and Health professional where at all possible. Rohme does not accept any liability for claims, demands or direct or indirect damages arising from disputes between care seekers and Health professionals, however we do offer a dispute resolution pathway, which should be followed in the case of disagreement. 4. Dispute Resolution Policy

4.1 Overview

Rohme provides a dispute resolution process where there is a disagreement between client and self-employed Health professional. Either care seeker or self-employed Health professional can dispute a contract. Rohme will examine the contract, compliance with terms, user analytics data including but not limited to visit logging, messaging, geoverification, user feedback and previous self-employed Health professional behaviour (and that of client) and any submissions by either party.

5. Payments, Cancellations and Refunds

5.1 Payments

All payments for work completed must be made through Rohme. Attempts to bypass Rohme may lead to sanctions not limited to immediate account suspension. Any offers to transact outside of Rohme made by either party must be reported to Rohme immediately.

You are responsible for making sure we have your current and up to date bank details on file for customer funds to be released to you.

Rohme will pay you in respect of the work carried out regardless of whether we have received payment from the client. 5.2 Rates and fees

The Rohme dynamic system means that fees for the services of health professionals vary according to a range of criteria including role, level of experience, unsociable hours etc. Once set, hourly rates should not be changed during a contract agreement.

Rhome charges clients a flat fee of £30 + VAT for each day that a health professional is placed via our platform. This is a flat fee and is chargeable whatever the length of the shift.

We will not make your finding work with clients conditional upon You using other services for which the Employment Agencies Act does not prohibit the charging a fee or hiring or purchasing goods. 5.3 Income Tax and National Insurance

By using this service as a self-employed Health professional you agree that you have made and will make all required legal and tax filings to HMRC. This includes making national insurance contributions and paying income tax.

5.4 Cancellations and absences

Rohme strongly discourages absences from any client appointments that have previously been accepted and when a contract is active. Where an emergency arises and absence is unavoidable, you must inform the client immediately with as much notice as possible via the Rhome platform.

If you fail to inform your client of any absences or changes in contracted hours and this results in a complaint from the client, we reserve the right to withhold your pay for the week where the unexcused absence occurred. Please bear in mind that cancellations and unexcused absences may also affect your rating on the platform.

In cases of planned holiday or leave that clashes with a contract you have with a client, you must inform the client via the platform of your unavailability with as much notice as possible.

5.5 Ending a contract prematurely

If you have agreed a contract with a client, you must honour the terms of this contract and ensure that all efforts are made to fulfil the contract through to its conclusion. Rohme recognises that in some circumstances, you may decide to end the contract due to other commitments outside of the platform. Rohme will not permit you take a new contract on the platform that conflicts with the

schedule of an existing Rohme contract unless sufficient notice has been served. This is to protect the existing client and to ensure continuity of service.

6. Limitation of liability

6.1 Responsibility for contract acceptance

You acknowledge that the decision to enter into a contract with a client is your sole responsibility and that Rohme makes no warranty as to the suitability of any work assignment you accept via the Rohme platform, nor does Rohme provide any warranty as to the character or honesty of any customer or the truthfulness or accuracy of information provided by a customer. However, Rohme endeavours to take all reasonable steps to ensure a safe and positive community for all participants. 6.2 Risks of introduction service

You agree that you understand the risks involved in participating in an introductory agency service and you hereby waive any rights to claims for damages from Rohme in relation to the service. 6.3 Breach of terms and conditions

You agree to indemnify and not hold Rohme responsible or make any claim or demand against Rohme as a result of you breaching these terms and conditions. 7. Contractual Obligations

By using Rohme you agree to use the service for all current and future work that takes place as a result of an introduction made through Rohme. If you have been introduced to a potential client through Rohme, you must not create contractual agreements outside of this service, with the deliberate intention of circumventing Rohme fees. 8. Termination of profile

You shall immediately notify Rohme should your circumstances change and you are no longer able to accept client work via Rohme. You are expected to carry out a high quality service at all times. Rohme reserves the right to terminate your profile if it comes to our attention that your service is not up to standard, as determined by Rohme, or the terms and conditions have been breached. This decision is at the sole discretion of Rohme and no justification needs to be provided for the termination of a profile. Any severe offences will result in but are not limited to the immediate termination of a Health professional’s profile.

9. Quality assurance and background checks

By using this site or service you authorise Rohme to carry out certain background checks and audits at a time of their choosing. Rohme reserves the right but not the obligation to use a third party to scan your personal information on an ongoing basis against a variety of sources which may include, but are not limited to, sex offender registries, social media, criminal registries and other legally available databases and resources. Rohme has no obligation to perform checks and releases all liability associated which results from checks. However, Rohme endeavours to review or carry out enhanced DBS checks on all Health professionals registered on Rohme. Rohme reserves the right to exclude a Health professional from Rohme Health professional Directory on the basis of findings in the DBS check. You also warrant that you have not been subject a restraining order or any other civil action.

10. Feedback, marketing and customer reviews

We ask clients to leave qualitative and quantitative feedback on the experience they had with you. The feedback will contribute towards the review section on your Rohme profile. Customer feedback should be honest and you must not offer incentives in exchange for better feedback or try to influence a customer to deviate from their true and honest view. We reserve the right to remove any defamatory, abusive or offensive feedback at our discretion but are not obliged to do so. You agree to providing an exclusive and perpetual right for Rohme to publish customer reviews on your profile, and you must not attempt to delete customer reviews or create a new profile to delete poor feedback. Your profile data including biography and photograph (without identifying details) may be used from time to time in print and online marketing initiatives with the intention of generating more demand for your services. You also give a Rohme a perpetual and non exclusive right to share your information with third parties. If you wish to opt out of this activity, please contact

11. Privacy Statement

By using the Rohme services you consent that Rohme may process the personal data that Rohme collects from you in accordance with Rohme’s Privacy Policy.

12. Confidentiality

You agree to keep strictly confidential any information you receive in any medium or format about potential, existing and past clients from either Rohme or the clients themselves. This includes but is not limited to personal information and medical information.

13. Governing Law

The terms and conditions and any dispute arising out of the site and/or the services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these terms and conditions or in connection with this site and/ or service. 14. Contact Information:

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions or the services provided by Rohme please contact us at:

Privacy Policy

Data protection officer: Fabio Travato Monastra (Founder CEO) ROHME RECRUITMENT OF HEALTHCARE AND MEDICAL EXPERTS LTD

The policy: This privacy policy notice is for this website; and served by ROHME RECRUITMENT OF HEALTHCARE AND MEDICAL EXPERTS LTD, 1 Eastbourne Road, London, England, SW17 9EG

Policy key definitions:

· “I”, “our”, “us”, or “we” refer to the business, Rohme.

· “you”, “the user” refer to the person(s) using this website.

· GDPR means General Data Protection Act.

· PECR means Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation.

· ICO means Information Commissioner’s Office.

· Cookies mean small files stored on a users computer or device.


As part of any recruitment process, Rohme collects and processes personal data relating to all users of our platform. We are committed to being transparent about how we collect and uses that data and to meeting its data protection obligations set by the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR.

What information do we collect?

Rohme collects a range of information about users of our platform in order to ensure the best possible matches, to ensure that all users experience excellent service and to ensure the safety and security of everyone that uses our service. This includes but is not necessarily limited to;

· your name, geographical address, email address, telephone number and Skype ID;

· details of your requirements, prefer female or male, nationality, age, driver or non driver, level of English;

· details of your family life including without limitation, medical conditions, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political views and racial or ethnic origins.

· Copies of documents relating to safeguarding – for example DBS certificates, proof of address, public liability insurance documents.

Rohme collects this information in a variety of ways. For example, data might be contained in application forms, obtained from your passport or other identity documents, or collected through interviews or other forms of assessment.

Rohme will also collect personal data about you from third parties, such as references, information from background check providers and information from criminal records checks. We will seek information from third parties as part of our matching process.

Data will be stored in a range of different places, including on your application record, in HR management systems and on other IT systems (including email).

Why does the Agency process personal data?

Rohme needs to process data to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract with you. It also needs to process your data to enter into a contract with you.

In some cases, we need to process data to ensure that we are complying with our legal obligations. For example, we may need to ensure that our health professionals have the right to live and work in the UK before they are matched with clients.

Rohme has a legitimate interest in processing personal data during our business processes and for keeping records of the process. Processing data from users of our platform allows us to manage the matching process and payment processes and deal effectively with any problems that may arise within the operation of our platform. We may also need to process data to respond to and defend against legal claims.

Where Rohme relies on legitimate interests as a reason for processing data, it has considered whether or not those interests are overridden by the rights and freedoms of any users of the platform and has concluded that they are not.

Because we take the security of all users of our platform very seriously, we may seek information about criminal convictions and offences. Where we seek this information, we do so because it is necessary for us to carry out our obligations and exercise specific rights in relation to our safeguarding processes.

Rohme will not use your data for any purpose other than for the purposes of matching clients with health professionals and legitimate internal processes – all of which you will have asked us to do as part of using our service. We will keep your personal data on file until such a time that you ask us to remove it which you can do at any time by contacting us by email or by post.

Who has access to data? Your information will be shared internally for legitimate internal processes. Personal data shall not be transferred to a country or territory outside the EEA

unless that country or territory ensures an adequate level of protection or the appropriate safeguards are in place for your rights and freedoms.

Rohme will then share your data with referees to provide references for you, background check providers to obtain necessary background checks and the Disclosure and Barring Service to obtain necessary criminal records checks.

How does the Agency protect data?

Rohme takes the security of your data seriously. It has internal policies and controls in place to ensure that your data is not lost, accidentally destroyed, misused or disclosed, and is not accessed except by our employees in the proper performance of their duties. Rohme have a Data Protection Officer who is responsible for the security of your data.

For how long does the Agency keep data?

If your application to become a user of our platform in any capacity is successful, we will hold your data on file until such a time that you ask us to remove it, which you can do at any time.

Your rights

As a data subject, you have a number of rights. You can:

· access and obtain a copy of your data on request;

· require Rohme to change incorrect or incomplete data;

· require Rohme to delete or stop processing your data, for example where the data is no longer necessary for the purposes of processing;

• object to the processing of your data where Rohme is relying on its legitimate interests as the legal ground for processing; and ask us to stop processing data for a period if data is inaccurate or there is a dispute about whether or not your interests override Rohme’s legitimate grounds for processing data.

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us at You can make a subject access request by emailing the Agency on the email address given above.

If you believe that Rohme have not complied with your data protection rights, you can complain to the Information Commissioner.

What if you do not provide personal data?

You are under no statutory or contractual obligation to provide data to Rohme during use of our platform. However, if you do not provide the information, we may not be able to process your application properly or at all.


We may store information about you in a cookie (a small file that is sent by our web server to your computer), which we can access when you make return visits to our Website. Storing cookies is usual practice for any website that needs to remember what it’s users’ preferences are and we use cookies to keep track of your choices in the website.

If you would like to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, please refer to the instructions for your file management software to locate the file or directory that cookies are stored in. If you would like to stop cookies being stored on your computer in the future, please refer to your browser manufacturer’s instructions by clicking “help” in your browser menu. Further information about deleting or controlling cookies is available at

Please note that when you visit our site, we may also log your IP address, and unique identifier for your computer or other access device.


We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes we may make to this Privacy Policy document in the future will be notified and made available to you using the Website.