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Hospital Benefits

moneySave Money

Our new simple model takes away the hassle of planning the staff budget. Pay a fixed flat fee per booking and fill up to 99% on your vacancies with bank and locum staff.

TimeSave Time

As everything is in one place and there with a click of a button, you save hundreds of hours wasted in phone calls, miscommunications, filling out lengthy paperwork and chasing people to complete the process.

ratingSmart Filters

Find bank or locum staff with the right skills you are looking for. Browse through their experience, education, skills, certificates and documents to ensure you have the right person for the job.

cloudFully Digitised

With all the documents in one place, there's no more sorting through excessive paperwork, chasing people to complete forms or tedious manual checks. Safety audits are a breeze with all the workforce reports in the app.

ChatSimple Comms

Directly connect with locums through the app and eliminate errors in communication with a massive reduction in shift cancellations and no-shows.

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