Frequently Asked Questions

Agencies & Hospitals

Is Rohme an agency?

No, Rohme is an online marketplace that is working with agencies to provide hospitals with the workforce they need in a simple and efficient way.

How can I be sure locums are properly vetted?

Each locum goes under a validation process to make sure they are 100% compliant. You can check the status of these documents on their profiles.

Can I cancel a Locum shift?

Yes, you can by simply finding the booked shift and canceling it. However, Rohme takes cancellation seriously in order to avoid unhappy staff. Please read our cancellation policy.

How do I filter candidates to match the medical skills I need?

It’s super easy and time effective to find the right candidate:

Search through our database for the available candidates. To identify the one who best matches your needs, you can filter your search by adding your preferences from the filter tab. If the perfect match is still not available, the job will be posted on our platform and as soon as a Locum that matches your criteria are available, we will send the job request to them.

How can I approve a locum timesheet?

With ease! When the locum has signed out of shift, you will receive a notification to confirm his working time. However if you do not agree with it, you are able to reject it but must explain the reasoning. Your response will  go back to the locum who can then edit his time or reply to you. We rely on trust, transparency and fair play.

Does Rohme help with compliance?

Rohme provides a complete onboarding solution inclusive of compliance. This is all done digitally, saving your agency a lot of time and effort. 

Will my locums be able to use Rohme easily?

Rohme takes great pride in its simple and efficient user experience which is well suited even for your most traditional locums who can easily view and book shifts via Rohme platform.

What does joining Rohme mean for my business?

Rohme is designed to take the pain away from various operational procedures that Agencies are facing today. Joining Rohme will ensure that you are able to work with hospitals efficiently, increase your profit margins and focus on scaling your business. 

I am a small Agency. Is Rohme for me?

Rohme is designed to benefit Agencies of all sizes, small, medium and large. 

Does Rohme have it's own Locums?

Locums are able to register to the Rohme platform directly and Rohme can then provide referrals to Agencies to scale their database.


How do I book a shift?

There are 2 ways of doing it:

  1. You will be notified if a Manager sends you a booking request. You can accept or decline the request, based on your availability, and on your terms.
  2.  You can select a job from a list of jobs relevant to you and apply for it. A request will be automatically sent to the manager. If you are the right fit for the role, the manager will select you.
How do I get reminders or notifications from the Rohme app regarding a booked shift?

You can select the type of notification you would like to receive from the app. However, we recommend to leave them turned on so you never miss out on anything. One of the solutions we offer is the ease of communication between our key players.

What documents do I need for my online Rohme profile in order to be compliant?

We are going to make your registration process as simple as possible, however, for full validation, we request from you to upload the following documents:

  1. Right to Work in the UK (UK/EU Passport or Visa)
  2. Enhanced DBS
  3. Work Health Assessment (OH)
  4. Two recent references (form available here)
  5. Two proof of addresses (dated in the last 3 months)
  6. Up-to-date training
Is my data secure with Rohme?

Your data is stored securely in accordance with strict GDPR guidelines. We never send your profile or personal details to the client without your express permission and you are always able to request the information we have on Rohme. All passwords and any personally identifiable data – for example: your name and address are encrypted at REST.

We also perform automated and manual security testing on a regular basis and we work with third-party security specialists to keep our platform safe and secure.

What is IR35 an how does it affect my Locum work?

IR35 or Intermediaries Legislation is the tax and National Insurance legislation that may apply if a worker is working for a client through an intermediary.

For more information on how this status is determined, please see the government’s guide.

We advise all Locums to read the government’s guide carefully and seek advice from professional accountants to determine their own employment status correctly.

Can I cancel a shift?

Yes, you can. To achieve this, go to your app, tap shifts, select the one you can’t fulfil and press cancel. However, Rohme takes cancellation seriously in order to avoid unhappy hospital managers. Please read our cancellation policy.

How will I get paid after completing a shift?

Once you have completed your shift, your request will be sent to the manager who has to approve your timesheet.  After that, an invoice will be generated and sent to the finance department that will pay you. Easy!